The state of UX in Dublin (imho) — Part 1: The challenges
Cory-Ann Joseph

So if I have to live in Dublin, change jobs every one or two years, and then create a new portfolio in between each job, I may go bankrupt.

The thing is, all of that is unpaid work. I am not paid to travel between different offices, do first round interviews and wait for feedback. I am not paid to sit for hours in front of the computer, so I can update my portfolio.

It could work out if I had a personal assistant, but I would have to be earning at least 60K Euro per year and be unmarried in order to afford that luxury.

That kind of environment doesn’t make sense financially, from an employee’s and job seeker’s point of view. Maybe people who are willing to sacrifice their savings and their life for a UX career will find a way to function in that environment though.

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