Why Hillary Lost, A Definitive Answer

There is no one reason.

For 30 years Hillary Clinton has been maligned by a variety of forces inside and out of the the government. The FBI, NSA both hated her (the NSA were the ones who denied her a secure phone, thus leading to the whole email thing) the GOP’s testicles shrank when she was around and they hated that she was liked and effective, so they and Fox News spent two decades seeding the idea that she was unlikable.

The New York Times, and CNN, both so desperate to seem balanced, jumped on the false equivalency ride and *still* can’t get off it.

And, the Russians. Backing Trump, supporting his entire campaign at every level, with money channeled through a dozen shell businesses. Putin understood the threat Clinton was to him and he spent a lot of time and effort neutralizing her through seeding both alt-right and alt-left with haterbots. Bernie Bros helped, as he knew they would, because they myopically saw her as the opponent, not his tool, Trump.

We are adults here. Let us please eschew all simplifications and childish thinking. We can see the layers and understand the nuance of misogynies that differed in method and meaning but colluded in an hateful end game — and that still persists.

There is no “one reason.” There is only a epoch-long hatred of everything women achieve and every way they achieve it. And to that many say “Fuck them all. I’m still with her.”