Absolute beginner learns programming…

The word “coding” seemed like such a foreign word to me. It was one of those things that I didn’t have to know yet I was curious to know and I’d be happy if I knew. It’s not that I watch Klossy on Youtube so much, but it did teach me about how knowing how to code will impact your future. Especially it’s gonna be necessary for younger generation. I didn’t wanna be left behind. Thought now was the perfect time.

So I started taking “Programming for Non-Programmers” class on OneMonth and it’s already been eye opening. One of this week’s assignment is to interview developers. So I chose two awesome developers who are doing the great things.

Christine Cha is a NYC based developer and designer. I’ve met her while I was going to a college in NY where I met so many talented musicians. Recently, Christine made an awesome app called NY Jazz App, where you can check a list of jazz shows each day in New York City area. It’s helping so many musicians, club owners and audiences with one click of an app.

How did you learn to code?

— I Learned by myself, through a ton of different resources. TeamTreehouse (online), W3Schools, StackOverflow, MDN, yadda yadda. The past three months I’ve been at the Recurse Center (previously known as Hacker School) learning things on a more intense level, but still self-directed. I’ve never had a formal class or teacher, though I’ve had a many many generous people help me along the way

What advice would you have for someone learning to code for the first time?

— My advice isn’t really specific to programming, but here it is: just do whatever keeps things fun. Don’t learn things just because so-and-so told you it was important, or it’s trending, or it’s for a potential job… that’s boring and you won’t dive as deep into it. It’s like art. If you stay interested, you work hard and get better. Don’t worry about what other people tell you to do.

Would you work with me on a project and why?

— I am happy to pair program and lend time to help someone learning to code! Always, and especially because I’ve had so many wonderful people help me. I am not currently interested in creating products with a business-focus, because my main priority is to learn and have fun (at the moment). So, if there was a project where I could do that, I would definitely be interested.

What qualities are you looking to hire for? What advice would you have for me to improve?

— I’m not really in a position to hire, but I’ll soon be starting as a front-end software engineer at Squarespace. They (and I) would probably look for someone who thinks extremely creatively, understands the core of problem-solving, and truly loves the coding + creative process. Again, you can really do whatever you want on a superficial level. Ruby v. Python, React v. Angular, Webpack v. Gulp — doesn’t matter. It does matter that you are intensely passionate about solving problems and are determined to keep learning and growing your skills.

— — —

I was introduced to Akihiro Mukai, a programmer/director for Rarejob, Japan’s No.1 Online English conversation school through my friend. He created Flash Grammar, which is currently a No.1 paid app on iTunes Japan. I wish I had this when I was studying English!!!!!

How did you learn to code?

— I learned by myself at first, then through my work. I initially had an idea to create something so I learned one thing at a time to solve each problem along the way. I tried learning anything, from new techniques to small things that helped my project. I worked for a production company where I was able to learn a lot working through many projects.

What advice would you have for someone learning to code for the first time?
 — I have 5 things to say. 
1. Figure out how to create “Hello World!”
2. Find experienced developer friends around you. 
3. Create with a goal in mind.
4. Have fun with a process.
5. Believe that what you are doing now will become useful in the future.

Would you work with me on a project? Why/why not?
I definitely would. The fact that you are using this service (One Month) to study is amazing. Technique will follow later. I’d love to work with a person like you with great passion.

What qualities are you looking to hire for?

What advice would you have for me to improve?
Continue learning. For this is the hardest skill. Don’t give up and good luck!

Both developers were so humble and passionate about programming. Great souls. Both made beautiful apps with great design. Both know what their customers’s eyes are. Also, both of them are self-taught. I was inspired and encouraged, and I think I’m in a right path for my own creation!!!!

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