Facebook Just Rolled Out “Instant Articles” and Already Runs Ads Upon Them. And What Does it Means for Medium?..

Yesterday Facebook announced that Instant Articles will be available for all iPhone users.

Today I red my first Instant Article from my Facebook app.

It truly was a very good experience. A really well executed UX design that gave a very confident feeling of reading an article without worrying that the page will reload itself and I’ll lose the line or that suddenly a banner ad will jump out of nowhere and hide all the important stuff.

As you can see below, every image has a Like/Comment/Share section which really increases the user engagement and opens up more space for discussions.

Another two features I saw were:

1. A Lead Generation form in the bottom of the article:

2.Two app advertisements appearing in-content as you scroll down the article

That is an advertisement that calls the reader to download The New York Times iOS application. The revenue model of the Instant Articles product for the publisher is explained by Fastcompany.com:

“ Publishers who use Facebook’s platform currently have two revenue options: Either filling display ad inventory themselves and keeping 100% of the revenue, or offering 30% revenue to Facebook in exchange for letting Facebook handle placement. Andrew Waber of Marketing Land notes that this makes Facebook into an even more influential advertising player.”

I guess that by choosing the Revenue Share model the publisher will allow Facebook’s advertisers to serve ads upon their articles through one of Facebook’s ads platforms (e,g;ads manager, power editor).

Should Medium worry about the day Instant Articles will open it doors to allow all facebook users to become a publisher (and monetize themselves…)?

Share you thoughts on that…


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