đŸ˜±Linkedin Insights are BETTER Than Facebook Insights

“Linkedin’s Website Demographics”

Due to privacy issues, Facebook blocked many of its audience insights reporting.

It’s harder today to get insights from Facebook about your website custom audience data.

However, for B2B companies, Linkedin’s audience insights (officially called “Website Demographics”) is gold.

Linkedin will show you amazing data about the people who visited your website. Job title, seniority, company name, industry and more.

To take advantage of it, you have to embed Linkedin’s pixel, which is called “Insights tag” on your website.

It’s pretty easy, and you can do it with the Google Tag Manager.

If you’re reaching EU audience, make sure that your Linkedin pixel will fire only after user’s cookie consent was given.

You might check out a simple way to implement GDPR cookie solution on your blog here — https://www.facebook.com/groups/StartupMarketingHeroes/permalink/464800223929093/

After you embed the insights tag on your website, it will take about a month before data will start showing on your Linkedin campaign manager.

It quite depends on the amount of traffic you have on your site/blog, so if you generate only low traffic, it might take you a little bit longer.

To get more information on how to open Linkedin’s campaign manager (which is its ad platform), and get the insights tag code for your website, please follow the links below:

To open Linkedin’s ad account

To get Linkedin’s audience insights tag

That’s it for now :-)


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