The Importance of Philanthropy

A great way to give back to your community is through donation. If you’re hesitant when it comes to giving, the do-good feeling of providing a need may be reason enough to give, not to mention the positive impact it will have on someone in need or even a community. What makes a community better is when it’s residents invest in it’s quality and potential. You can make a difference through donating charitable needs in many ways, why not explore a few?


Supply and demand continue to be the cause of rising prices in products and goods. Clothes are essential to living, not to mention clean clothes. Through the donation of clothing you provide more than something for someone to wear. Organizations that collect donated items remain in business through free donations. It creates jobs, supplies wearable items at little or no cost for those in need and gives you an opportunity to de-clutter your closet.


Food banks aim to feed the hungry. Give back to your community by providing a meal or non-perishable items for a family or individual who may go hungry otherwise. This effort of giving is minimum with little cost on your part, but plays a big role in the people who will helped in the process. Whether you donate actual food, time at a food bank or even money for a meal, feeding someone who can’t afford their meal is a charitable deed.

School Supplies

Education is a low-funded system where teachers often pay for the majority of materials in their classroom and then send a list home of items for parents to purchase for their child. Not every child has parents able to afford all of those items. By putting together a donation of school supplies, you can support a child’s education and quality of learning.


When people of think of helping those in need, blood is often overlooked. Blood donations can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Every 2 seconds, someone in the U.S. is in need of blood. Blood is not something that can be manufactured, therefore the supply comes solely from donations. Although this form of donating wouldn’t happen as often as donating clothes, food or other items, it’s still a critical need to help others.


If your time is limited, or you’re unsure what cause to give to, money is always a good way to donate. Your options are wide open when it comes to giving to financial donations. Monetarial giving also allows you control over what percentage or amount you’d like to give. Crowdfunding charities are a great way to give back to a good cause and those in need.


Your time is valuable to your daily routine. Clean up a community or volunteer at a food bank. Allow yourself to immerse in the community in which you’re helping. This can help you see volunteering in a different light, and even get connected with others in your community. To find where you can volunteer your time, find charitable organizations in your area.