Sometimes when you string different thoughts and conversations together, you spot irony in the world and how we as people are pretty ridiculous. As you’re reading this, it’s okay to laugh, as I have been laughing about this for two weeks and am now putting it into a piece of writing. At the same time, there’s a lesson here, and I’ll point it out in the context of cheeseburger wrappers.

It started with a chat conversation with some of my best friends in Oregon. (Love these guys because we can have deep discussions and challenge each other and learn from…

Have you ever come home from an evening out, or woken up the next morning, (maybe) feeling hurt or angry, and thinking, “Why did that person say that about me?” Well, fret no longer my friends, because it doesn’t fucking matter what they said about you. What they said about you is a reflection of them, not you. (Oh, and if you didn’t realize this, there are times that you fuck up as well.)

Seriously, it sounds cliche, but it’s not. Take your emotions, acknowledge them, then put them in timeout for a while, as we unpack this. Ultimately, what…

Account-based marketing and sales methodologies are among the best for B2B companies, especially if they have more than one product or service that they offer — the larger the depth and breadth of a B2B company’s offerings, the more impactful account-based marketing and sales can be.

A key component of account-based sales is account planning, which in the most general terms is how a salesperson or sales team plans on penetrating an “account,” aka a client, and selling that client the company’s offerings.

However, salespeople misconstrue account planning and think of it as — “what do I want to sell…

Throughout the last eight years of my sales & marketing career, I’ve come across several misconceptions of sales. From my peers comparing a consultative sales job to their last experience buying a used car, to sales reps thinking that updating their opportunities in the CRM with relevant information is simply tedious work or micromanagement.

The comparison to a used car salesperson aside, let’s set the record straight about the importance of sales cadence. …

Salespeople in the United States take a lot for granted. With a vastly, culturally, and physically connected population of over 320 million people, the American market is one to be reckoned with. Selling and scaling a product is easy, if the market demand is there.

However, there’s a big world outside of the United States. And not coming up with a plan to sell outside of the U.S. puts a relatively low ceiling on the product’s potential; an additional 259 million people live in North America, and there’s over 500 million people in the European Union alone.

Working with technology…

Artificial intelligence and data science are part of the next revolution in computing — it’s not longer up for debate. AI continues to creep into our daily lives, helping us answer questions and alleviates some of the most mundane tasks. Amazon has gone as far as adding Alexa into a variety of devices, like a microwave, and people are getting used to saying, “Hey Google” to their mobile devices. Google takes things further by putting machine learning at the core of their product strategy. …

It has been the most transformative year of my life.

I spent the last week in Barcelona, attending the Mobile World Congress with some incredible people, from a kick-ass tech startup.

Now I’m sitting here, warming up with a cup of tea after taking the dogs to the park on a frigid, sunny Estonian winter day.

A year ago today, I landed in Tallinn, uncertain of what this life adventure would bring me. About a week later, my girlfriend surprised me on my birthday with tickets to Amsterdam — a place I had always dreamed of visiting.

Starting with Messente

I had no idea how long it would take me to find a…

Look, I’m all for people having someone to look up to, a hero, an inspiration –you name it. But over the last few years, I’ve noticed a pattern amongst many entrepreneurs, startup founders, and overall passionate people I’ve met: Many are trying to be like someone else.

“Elon Musk this.” “Zuckerberg that.” “Bill Gates was like this.” “Steve Jobs worked like that.” “Warren Buffett invests like this.”

Why? Does being like someone else lead to success? Or does picking up methods from other successful people mean you’ll be more successful than you are now? …

There has to be a method to the madness.

Let’s begin with the fact that social and digital are not marketing themselves. They are crucial components of promotions and advertising, which are part of the marketing mix. Marketing encompasses much more than social media and the web. I meet too many people that claim to be marketers because they are really good at using Facebook and Instagram, yet can’t even tell me the “four Ps” of marketing (hint: promotion is one of them.)

Kotler and Keller define marketing as:

“The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering…

One of the first things B2B salespeople are taught: Under-promise and over-deliver. It seems like a solid strategy –who doesn’t like it when their Uber arrives two minutes earlier or the flight lands half an hour earlier? The idea that the way to exceed expectations consistently is to under-promise results is inherently flawed in two ways: First, it ignores the human need for predictability, and second, it diminishes trust.

Predictability: the basis for sustainable business.

At a high level, Wall Street rewards predictability. Investors make decisions based on patterns and expectations. Yes, your company crushed earnings this quarter, can investors…

Yuriy Mikitchenko

Let’s create something. Fascinated by the business and economics of technology. Marketing & sales strategy consultant for tech startups.

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