My learning path to be a Chaos Engineer

Yury Niño

About some months ago, I have been looking to transition from a Software Engineer to DevOps Engineer. In my journey, I discovered two amazing fields: Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] and Chaos Engineering [CE]. Because they are really hot at the moment, it is very difficult to choose the right learning path in the middle of so many tools and practices.

Considering that I was already an engineer, becoming an SRE or CE meant that I was just moving myself to a different domain to grow and learn from a different direction. The first thing I did was go to Google where I found some important mindsets:

  • Google was credited with the first implementation of SRE.
  • CE community was built around of principles initiated by Netflix.
  • Gremlin is a lead project for helping other companies to prepare their services for internet scale using the principles of CE.

The first recommendation when you are learning something is “Don’t go alone, join the community” so I asked for help in the Chaos Engineering Slack Community. This entry is inspired in some advice that I received from Kolton Andrus, Tammy Button, Akram Riahi, Jairo Correa, John Quiroga, Jaimoto and David Montaño and excellent entries such as: Interested in becoming a Site Reliability Engineer? and Developers Roadmap 2018 hosted by Tammy and Kamranahmedse, respectively.

If you think that I could include more concepts and technologies, feel free to write me a comment with your recommendations.

Yury Niño

Written by

Software and Chaos Engineer Advocate. Loves building software applications, reading, writing articles, solving hard performance and resilience issues.

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