Keep Your Browser Hungry

I’ve heard many complains about Chrome browser eating too much memory. That always wondered me, as I don’t seem to have such kind of issue. Recently it struck there a simple reason for it: I keep no more open tabs then it’s necessary for my current task.

The task is done, tabs are closed. I actually quit Chrome quite often.

It was not always like this, but eventually, I got to the point I don’t need anything for longer than a couple of hours.

Staff that was sitting in my browser all the time, but eventually went away:

  • Tabs to read it later
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Useful links
  • Online music

Tabs to read it later

I have a system that works for me quite well


I prefer Gmail’s web version to mac’s mail app for several reasons (I should write a post on that one day). But I open it only a couple times a day.

There was a joke based on a 90s commercial:

– Why do you have a square head?
– I watch TV all the time, not to miss anything interesting.
– You’d better watch your wife. You’re missing soooo much interesting.

You don’t have to check your email all the time. If it’s something really urgent, they will find a way to get to you. It was a scary step, but today I only check email couple times a day. And I’m happy about that. The world didn’t explode in a year I’m doing it. (on a side note, I’ve switched off all kinds of notifications except Slack direct messages and mentions).

So, open Gmail tab, go through inbox down to zero, close the Gmail tab.


Unlike e-mail, I have my calendar open all the time. But as a separate application (not apple’s calendar). Thanks, Fluid app!

Useful links

Everything I need every now and then goes to my Evernote’s notebook “Useful links”.

If I use something often, it’s in my address bar suggestions when I start typing.

Or one can simply use the bookmarks feature :).

Online music

I always prefer desktop apps, no matter the way I’m listening to the music. Because global hotkeys. When I need to pause my music, I don’t want to do more than a single click on a button on my keyboard. 
If you’re curious, I’m a Spotify user.

Anything else I’ve missed?

TL;DR: no tabs — no memory leaks ;)

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