The absence of inspiring leaders.

At the beginning of this year, Donald Trump assured the Cubans from Florida that he would close the American embassy in Havana. Besides that, Trump promised to keep the Guantanamo Bay prison open and ‘load it up with some bad dudes’.

Donald Trump is the key expert in the ‘Conservative arts’. It means that he knows how the art of the deal works in practice, whereas Kerry and Obama do not have a clue about the successful strategy in negotiations. Moreover, he stated that the free speech would be back on campus if he wins. Likewise, DJT is the leading figure in the art of giving nicknames to his opponents such as the ‘Lying Ted’, ‘Sweaty Marco’, ‘Crooked Hillary’ and many others. The number is YUUUGGEEE. My fellow readers, remember at least a couple of them.

There is also a foreign ‘MR TOUGH GUY’. He is the man behind the Brexit — Nigel Farage. Farage was a Thatcherite who decided to leave the Conservative Party because the Prime Minister John Major signed the Maastricht treaty in 1992. However, Farage struck back 24 years later when he ‘led the United Kingdom Independence Party brilliantly and won despite all odds’.

Trump and Farage established something that Cameron and Obama failed to achieve in 6 years — a special relationship with a mutual sympathy. Trump privately met with Farage in NYC in June. Perhaps, the impression was so high and positive that DJP invited Farage as a guest speaker at his rally in Mississippi.

It was supposed to be something similar to Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ dialogue between Dr. Livesey and Jim Hawkins. ‘Daddy Donald’ had to start from saying that ‘Now, Nigel, if you have something to say, SPEAK UP’. Farage could ask Trump to sit down and deliver the speech that would be the turning point of this century. Nonetheless, that extract did not contain a single powerful phrase that the next generations of political scientists could analyse although it was genuinely funny.

During the Congress of Soviets, most of the 822 delegates felt pessimistic. The state of economic and political affairs in Russia was atrocious back then. Tsereteli described the conditions as the situation in which no party could replace the government of the day. Nonetheless, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Ulyanov) ‘came in the building’. From the end of the auditorium, Lenin famously shouted that ‘There Is Such Party!’.

Probably, it was the only time in the history when the leader delivered all his promises. For instance, Lenin destroyed one of the most powerful capitalist classes in the world. Next, the strategic resources and industries were nationalised by the state. Furthermore, the industrial relations were collectivised. Finally, Lenin beat the Democratic politician Alexander Kerensky who insulted him that day.

Trump blamed Clinton and Obama all the time during the election campaign rallies. In a case with Clinton, he promised to persecute her when he gets elected. Likewise, Trump also released statements where he attacked the incumbent President Obama.

Later Donald Trump, talking in his Trump Tower, implied that he changed his mind and Hillary would not be spending the next four years in courts and prison. Similarly, he praised Barack Obama for his eight years in office and called him a ‘good guy’.

Don’t you see any resemblance? Every American president attacks the opponent for his mistakes. Nevertheless, the elected candidate changes completely in a matter of months. Trump is not an exception because the only thing which he is still promising to do is to BUILD THE WALL!

No matter what you think about Lenin, but he was the last outstanding leader. In the free and democratic world, these leaders no longer appear because there is no demand for them in the market. The modern political sphere generates the resistance among the majority of working and middle-class members. Hence, the people elect leaders whom they consider to be honest since they feel pessimistic and unenthusiastic about trying to use the another opportunity to build a fair and beneficial system.