The super carbonization plant for making charcoal from sawdust

Nowadays, it has become an easy task to convert sawdust into charcoal thus sawdust is not a problem anymore. This has been created possible with the carbonization plant to create charcoal from sawdust.

Carbonization can be a chemical process which utilizes a compound technology generally known as pyrolysis to break down complex substances into a simpler one through heating them. To make use of the carbonization technology, this carbonization plant is employed. These kinds of machine carries a double-layer design well suited for making the lower portion of machine contact all the heat as possible aimed at improving the heat usage efficiency.

carbonization plant

You can use any biomass wastes that’s available because your raw material such as sawdust, straw, wood chips, rice husk, sunflower seed shell, corn cob, coconut shell, furfural residue, peanut shell branches, rice husk and much more to create charcoal briquettes.


The carbonization plant to make charcoal from sawdust is very beneficial because of the benefits that follow:

1 : Fully sealed performance.

2. It features a long service life, generally greater than five years.

3. Very Reasonable and price effective since you will cut back tp 60% of their time use.

4. You can adjust the furnace temperatures you can even find air inlet and quick ignition.

5. The task reduces environment-friendly

6. Short carbonizing period.

Unique Features of charcoal from your carbonization plant

* It provides clean fuel, which can be an environmentally- friendly replacement for the ordinary charcoal since it has fewer emissions.

* It offers more heater and burns over the normal charcoal hence is has higher thermal efficiency.

* The charcoal briquette produces fewer leftovers and waste because it is all-natural, to ensure the leftovers bring fertilizer, therefore, realizing waste recycling.

  • It is possible to light then one incurs Inexpensive in investment.
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Final Product

The conclusion products with the carbonization plant for making charcoal from sawdust include:

1. Combustible gas

2. Wood tar

3. Charcoal


Over time, coal coke was used in the process for steel and iron making in the metallurgy industry. However, recently using coal coke as fuel has majorly changed because uncomfortable side effects. Individuals have arrived at using charcoal briquettes since they will be environmentally clean compared to the coal. The usage of charcoal within the metallurgy industry has become very popular.


The charcoal from carbonization plant to make charcoal from sawdust can be utilized in different fields:

1. Agriculture- since this is all-natural substance it is usually employed as biological carbon fertilizer to enhance the soil fertility.

2. Industry- It can either be harnessed for fuel or even further processed into carbon powder or another carbon materials.

3. Daily life- quite a few to make barbecue carbon.

Wood Tar

The insoluble tar is a product in veterinary medicine as it’s used as an antiseptic. Additionally it is utilized as a caulking compound in addition to being a wood preservation agent.


The Bio-gas produced is utilized in numerous fields including:

1. Agriculture- it is used in greenhouse for heating purposes

2. Way of life- Mostly utilized as fuel

3. Industry- quite a few for drying, as fuel, found in generators to create electricity.

Impacts to the environment

The device is Configured with sealing system so that the environmental cleanliness as well as production safety.