Letting go

I’ve really enjoyed watching How I Met Your Mother, because each episode is full of light-hearted humor with the occasional touch (read: face-in-the-dirt shove) of life. And it’s that contrast which makes the show so effective. My favorites are when the otherwise never-serious playboy Barney Stenson does a 180 and goes out of character. A subtle hand on the shoulder to support his friend whose wedding was called off, a trip to Miami to convince someone they made a mistake, a daydream of the kind of life he would prefer. Each moment highlights the raw unexpected events in life and the unique ways people cope with them.

One episode in particular resonates with me. In it, Ted is on his way to confront the woman who left him at the altar, convinced that his emotional options are either to be angry or to bottle them up. After watching her arrive home to her ex-husband and young child he realizes there is a third option. He could just let it go. And that’s what he did.