Zero to Bitcoin in minutes

For those in Singapore

I recently wrote an article where you can ingeniously save big money on Amazon via Bitcoin. Over the next couple of days, i received numerous emails from curious consumers……

I’m interested. I don’t understand what Bitcoin is and how it operates. Mind meeting up to give me a better understanding of it?
I purchase quite a bit of electronics. Amazon already saves me money and i would not mind trying this out if it gives me additional savings. How do i buy this Bitcoin?

Less than a week later, Roger Ver aka Bitcoin Jesus, reaffirmed it via a tweet.

$176.62 on savings on his spanking new iPad Air 2!

so here I am writing another article for the curious cats…

“If my dad knows how to purchase bitcoin. So will you. “

  1. Visit and create your first wallet. A wallet will enable you to store, send and receive Bitcoin. It is accessible anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection.

2. This is the dashboard that displays your total balance and transaction history. On the navigation bar, you will notice the buttons to perform the actions: buy, sell, send & receive. In this case, let’s click on “Buy Bitcoin”.

3. Determine the final amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase. In this example, i will refer to the amount reflected for the iPad shown above.

2139.74749 mBTC = 2.13974749 BTC

Purchase an amount (in SGD) that will get you slightly more than the required amount of Bitcoin. In this case, SGD650 (2.15360148 BTC) will be just right.

Hit “BUY”

4. Our payment partner,’s embedded check out page will appear. They automate internet banking transactions seamlessly, and they are doing an awesome job. Now let’s move on to the final step by filling up your information and clicking “Accept Transaction”.

5. Finally, complete the transaction by making a FAST transfer to’s bank account. By submitting the unique comment/description, the amount will be re-directed to your xfers’ account. Once the transfer has been made, hit “Very Transfer” and you are done!

Note: Make sure you input the comment/description, or your transfer could face a 12hr delay.

As promised, Bitcoin in minutes, only at CoinHako

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