Why Simply Not Quitting Can Get You Ahead
Herbert Lui

Sometimes it’s not “quitting” though. It’s starting fresh, starting new, and doing something completely different. And it’s really hard to know which one you’re doing. It’s hard to know what qualifies as quitting or what qualifies as “Hey, I’m going in a different direction.”

I tell people that I quit my job and that’s why I work somewhere else. Truth is, I wasn’t needed anymore and my boss said it was best that I look elsewhere. So I tell people that I quit, not that I failed.

Quitting. Failing. Refreshing (And I don’t mean a webpage). It’s honestly so hard to figure out which one you need to do sometimes, and which one you did once the deed is done. Did you break up with your boyfriend because you were done his shit? Or do you just want to start new, because you’ve moved to another town and you need a new start?

Sometimes, it’s all of the above. It’s quitting, but it’s also starting fresh, on a new page.

“There’s no hard and fast rule for giving up.”

I completely agree. There just isn’t.

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