6 Reasons You Are Eating Fruits the Wrong Way

Yusra Ameen
7 min readNov 19, 2022

Fruits are gifts of nature; It’s natural! It’s healthy! It’s full of fibers and cancer-fighting antioxidants!

Fruits are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Regardless of your fitness goal, fruits should always be a part of your daily diet…….But!

Do you know that fruits also need to be consumed in the right way at the right time….to get maximum benefits out of it?

There is a right and wrong way of eating fruits. And you should know when, how, and what fruit to eat if you really wanna keep yourself healthy. Notably, 90% of people eat fruits in the wrong way. As a result, not only do they get incomplete nutrition from fruits, but they also shockingly aggravate digestive problems, skin allergies, hair fall or graying, etc. Most people face vitamin deficiencies and have no choice but to spend on calcium and multivitamin tablets.

The sad part is that even after eating the healthiest foods on the planet, they fail to get the benefits out of them and end up doing more harm than good.

So if you want to know the right way of eating fruits, stay tuned. Today, I’ll share with you the six most common mistakes you must avoid while eating fruits and how to fix them. So read this article till the end, and you’ll have a clearer idea.

1. Cutting And Storing Fruits:

Today’s fast life is like eating on the go. We cut the fruits the night before and stored them in the fridge for the following day. We take sliced fruits to the workplace in a box because we don’t want to eat anything unhealthy outside.

But remember that eating fruits long after cutting them takes away most of their nutritional value. When cut, fruits should be consumed within 20 minutes, or they start losing their potency. Not just these fruits, which are otherwise alkaline when eaten this way, cause acidity in the body. Doing this daily may make your blood a little more acidic, which causes skin problems, greying hair, and even hair fall. So it’s great that you choose fruit as a snack option. Make sure you do not cut it prior and take the whole fruit along.

2. Eating Fruit after Meal:

We love eating sweets after meals, but when we are health-conscious, we prefer fruits as a sweet dish. But by doing this, you are actually messing up your digestive system. This problem arises because the foods are digested by the body much faster.

Let’s say you eat a piece of bread and then a slice of fruit. Now the piece of fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines since it is digested by the body much faster. But it’ll be prohibited from doing so because the bread is taken before the fruit. And when the fruit comes in contact with the food and stomach juices, the entire mass of food will begins to spoil….Why? Because it starts fermenting. This is why you might have heard people complaining; I feel bloated after eating an orange and like running to the toilet after eating a banana. But why is it so… it’s just that you eat fruits after meals.

3. Not Eating Local/Seasonal Foods:

Exotic fruits are in fashion. Nowadays, supermarkets are full of fruits that cross the seven seas to reach the shelves after being wrapped. People are switching to these foreign fruits and ditching the local produce, thinking the former has some magical nutrients.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. There is a cause why only certain fruits grow in a particular region and a particular climatic condition. Foods that are local right and eaten in the proper season and climates serve as the pure nectar for the body. The absorption of nutrients from local fruits is much higher than that from exotic fruits. No doubt those fruits are very nutritious, but for the people who live where it grows naturally. Sometimes, exotic fruits are plucked unripened, and many are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides to ripen them unnaturally. This lowers their nutritional value and makes them risky for consumption.

So, it would be best if you stuck to your banana, orange, papaya, etc., fruits are grown in your own country. Not only will you get the maximum nutrition from the local fruits, but you will also help local vendors.

4. Drinking Fruit Juices:

Drinking fruit juices is okay. But eating whole fruits is much better. The reasons are many; when you drink fruit juices, you miss out on an essential constituent of fruits called “dietary fiber.” You may know how vital dietary fiber is for proper digestion and smooth bowel movements.

Secondly, since fruits are high in sugar, people who think foods hinder the fat-loss process should eat whole fruits. The fiber in fruits ensures that the fruit sugar does not spike blood insulin levels. One more thing that most of us are unaware of is that when we crush the fruits in a mixer, the excess heat generated may also destroy some of the vitamins and minerals in the fruits.

Well, you can drink fruit juice sometimes but mostly prefer eating whole fruits. When I say fruit juice, I mean fresh fruit juice, not bad juices which hardly have any nutritional value. On the contrary, they are loaded with added sugar preservatives and artificial flavors.

5. Combining fruits with milk:

Most people can’t do without an evening cup of tea, and when we get diet conscious, we out-goes the snacks and in-comes the fruits. However, the least that we realize is that the combination of fruits, especially sour ones like oranges and milk, is not a healthy. Because, by doing so, weird reactions occur in the body, the ill effects of which can be seen on the skin. Only fruits that are very sweet, like ripe bananas, dates, and ripe mangoes, may be blended with milk.

6. Eating Fruits At Night:

Many people think that because fruits are healthy, they can consume them at any time of the day. Well, that’s not true; it is recommended not to eat fruits post-sunset as the body’s ability to incorporate the nutrients from the fruits diminishes. And because fruits are high in sugar, it may also lead to a gain in weight. Besides, when consumed later in the evening, fruits may also cause acidity and disrupt sleep cycles, so make a habit of eating fruits before 6:00 p.m.

So these are a few of the most common mistakes people make while eating fruits.

Let’s get clear on How, When, and What fruit to eat to reap the maximum out of it.

When To Eat Fruits?

It would be best if you ideally consume fruits in the morning empty stomach. Eating fruits on an empty stomach will play a major role in detoxifying your system. Also, the nutrients in the fruits get properly absorbed in the body. Fruits can also be consumed in between meals as a morning or evening snack option; make sure to have a gap of two hours before and after the Middles.

How To Eat Fruits?

As discussed before, if you want to get the maximum benefit from fruits, avoid juice and start eating them as a whole. If at all you want to drink fruit juice, do not just gulp it down your throat. Sip it slowly so that your saliva also gets mixed along. This will aid the digestion process.

What Fruit To Eat?

Make it a rule to consume the fruit grown locally, fully ripe, and in season. That fruit is best for you; this way, not only will your body get the required vitamins and minerals, but also you can enjoy a variety of fruit throughout.

Truly fruits are nature's sweetest gifts; All you need to do is eat them the right way.