Systems of Wealth Hoarding Hide in Your Mind
Joe Brewer

Great piece, thank you for your energy and time spent thinking about your fellow beings on this planet. Not many people do this. And if they do most of the time they get crucified.

The definition of today’s money is wrong as you said, it is fiat currency. One way of preventing hoarding financial resources by the few is put an expiration date on any currency created and update that expiration that in every transaction. Put rules that if you invest x number of currency your y number of currencies expiry date gets postponed for a certain time. And it any currency hits the expiry that it gets deleted from the economic system.

So nobody will be able to continue to hoard forever. They will always need to invest it back in the system and this is not investing at financial tools or products as they call it. It has to be invested in the most required parts of the world for needed projects. They will still own those companies and make money but they will also employ people and bring resources to the area.

Mankind did great discoveries, I still have hope for us. But if can’t figure it out to live together in peace with proper resource and wealth allocation then as you said either the nature or wars will end human race.

And if that happens, would it matter? How many planets in our galaxy? How many stars in the universe? How small earth is compared to these. Honestly any alien being living light years away would care about if our race gets erased? If they are like us they wouldn’t. We are a tiny sand particle in an unlimited length of a beach.

Out non material beings are important, the physical bodies are not.

Thanks for reading this far.