Who was behind the coup attempt in Turkey?

President Erdogan claims it’s the Fetullah Gülen’s Hizmet (means ‘service’ in English) organization which is named as FETO short for Fetullah Terrorist Organization.

I personally believe the Turkish President after carefully reviewing the evidence. It was the FETO members in the military, who infiltrated the military starting at the high school level, simply brain washed not but real Islamist ideals but with stories of fairy tales from hell and heaven promising reward and punishment when needed. The leader of the organization Mr. Fetullah Gulen said he condemns the coup attempt. But he last year also wished the Turkish President to die with unimaginable pain and made this evil prayer (called ‘beddua’ which is forbidden in Quran, Islam’s Holly Book). Mr. Gulen fled Turkey before he could be arrested in 1999 to United States. At the time Turkish Prime Minister late Bülent Ecevit tipped him off by insisting that he should leave immediately for United States and continue his medical treatments. Mr. Ecevit, a symbol of the Ataturk’s founding political party CHP in his later life after the military coup in 1980 started a new political party called DSP. DSP was far more conservative to be called a center left party and was on the right side of the political scale. Mr. Ecevit was a graduate from the Prestigious Robert College of Istanbul, the first American College outside of United States borders. Robert College is still famous for its western education system, not allowing any religious mumbo jumbo. Most probably in later life Mr. Ecevit found his religion for unknown reasons. Rest In Peace, he is responsible for Mr. Gülen’s timely escape to United States.

Mr. Gülen, whose status in United States can not be confirmed lives in Pennsylvania near the Poconos Mountains. His choice of location reminds the Castle of Alamut in Northern Iran which was the head quarters of Hasan-i Sabbah the leader of the Assassins in the 11th century. His organization follows the shadowy tactics of the Assassins, infiltration and stealth are their most important trade crafts. The word ‘hashhash’ means opium in Turkish, it sounds very similar to the pronunciation of Assassins. It is believed that the foot soldiers the fedai (Turkish word meaning bodyguard) were fed opium and then brainwashed with the organization’s ideals. Believing that they will go heaven (by killing other God’s creations which is explicitly forbidden in Quran) these fedai would sacrifice themselves for the cause and deploy kamikaze like attack tactics.

Mr. Gülen’s organization has been around since 1970s but got its momentum upwards after 1980's military coup in Turkey. Religion is always a nice tool to use against the masses to rule, the military command of 1980 decided to do it as well by giving go ahead to Mr. Gülen’s organization.

Fast forward today, Turkey sitting in one of the most important coordinates on the world map, neighbor to Iran, Iraq and Syria is a very strategical country. Mr. Gülen’s supporters are waiting August 14 for another important event which nobody knows what, which we all have to wait to see.

The US Government I’m 100% sure is not behind the coup attempt in Turkey. There is no benefit to lose an important ally to other regional powers like Russia which actually happened last week. Many articles in media were talking about Turkey’s possible exit from NATO which I do not believe will go that far. Would you prefer a country run by a democratically elected government or an Islamic monarchy run by a cleric even though that cleric is currently under your legal control.

The second country some people are blaming is Israel (it is quite easy to blame it on Israel which is quite unfair). Turkey turning into an Islamic monarchy run by a cleric supposedly friendly to the Jews on the other hand is famous for deception is not someone the Government of Israel would trust. So that is not possible as well.

With the two evil! countries out of the equation, which options are we left with? Most probably Canada with its hidden agenda of world domination via religious power or Justin Bieber. (full disclosure I’m Canadian). Well this might not be possible as well because it was sunny during the coup attempt in Canada and nobody would miss the opportunity to get sun tanned which is only possible 2 months a year. Plus the new Prime Minister of Canada was busy surfing.

An interesting historical fact is that the Assassins were fighting the Seljuk Turks we can easily say that they are not too friendly with the Turks. Eventually the Castle of Alamut was captured by the Huns (another Turkish nation) which might have been a sore memory in the descendants of the Assassins. Assassins was part of the Sunni sect of Islam which Turkish Muslims (not every Turkish citizen is Sunni or even Muslim, there is a Alevi sect of Islam population and Christian and Jewish minorities as well) also belong to.

Other regional power which is also Sunni and had long oil money to be able to financially support Mr. Gulen’s organization also historically at odds with Turks is Saudi Arabia. Saudis are also quite friendly with certain power figures in United States. Which is another long article on its own.

Turn Turkey, region’s only democratic republic with a majority of Islamic population, into an Islamic monarchy controlled by Saudis would be perfect. Saudis don’t like Turks, Israel and United States. They don’t like Russia too. With only one stone, turn Turkey against the US and Israel, bring Russia and the US at odds, destabilize Syria whose ruling power is not Sunni.

They have the strong motive and the ability for sure. At this point Turkish Government won’t trust anyone, so they are out of the game for a while. It is up to CIA/NSA and MOSSAD to find out who is behind Mr. Gülen’s organization which is operational in 160 countries in the world.

There is another alternative of course, Assassins’ arc enemy were the Knights of the Temple. But they don’t exist today… or do they? 😉