This is how Fetullah Gulen’s terrorist organization gets you

First you have to get in their radar. You need to be important enough so that they care. You have to be either a strong opponent of them or a potential opponent. Anyone who looked the wrong way towards them is a target. Generally they leave the non Muslims alone, until you either become too big of a threat to them or they become strong enough to get you so they can claim your domain. Every new domain they acquire add strength to their global organization.

Their organization starts its work once the target is confirmed. Here are the stages they generally f0llow.

  1. Defamation of the target. Using the mediums they can control, they publish articles which has certain merit. It is standard psych op to root the article in certain undeniable facts so the reader is motivated to believe the rest. The authors of the articles are generally anonymous. It is not because they are afraid of putting their individual names out there, but the organization is designed to be top down and it does not tolerate individualism.
  2. Releasing video and/or audio recordings (most of the time engineered and fake) which put the target at a disadvantage. If you are a political figure, it would be quite difficult to go on when a video of you and another married member of your party having sex is published on the Internet. This is what happened to the ex leader of the main opposition party of Turkey (Deniz Baykal, CHP). Once the leader of the ruling party (Current President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was targeted with fake audio recordings) decided that they were too dangerous he himself became a target.
  3. They use their power on the judicial system. Using the resources they created on step one or two as proof they either use their own personal hidden in the judicial system or they bribe a judge or two and you are in prison. By the time you can prove your innocence you have already spent couple of years in prison, your will is broken, your body has given up and everyone you loved once, moved on with their lives. You are no more a threat.
  4. You commit suicide. This is a passive step for them, it is the result of the previous steps. After you lose everything dear to you, you go insane and kill yourself. You are eliminated.
  5. They assassinate you. Simple. They tried this recently with the President of Turkey Mr. Erdogan.

I have personally experienced these steps from this organization. They most probably are at level 5 for me. If that happens I’m sure the parties to whom I gave the names and connections of this organization will publish those.

An Islamist terrorist organization, whose leader is living in the United States of America. So powerful that financially support presidential elections, that FBI can not even touch, who is under the protection of the CIA and the State Department.

The puppet masters of this organization are long gone. This is one of those orphan projects, that were so successful it went on without any support from the people who initiated it. Since the 1970s this organization has been active, it was supported so that it can be an organization in Middle East that can change the balance of power to the correct side at the right time.

This is an organization which is more dangerous than any other organization in that region.

Who was responsible for the plan is not important. It does not help anyone’s safety at this moment. They are in 160 countries, disguising as moderate Islamist organization. They are not moderate, they are extremists, who would lie, steal, bribe and kill for their own purpose. Its members are brain washed, they would do anything their master says, they think they will go to heaven and anyone who is killed in the process are just collateral damage.

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