Recently the Platform Team here at Posh has been building out an analytics dashboard to help our business users visualize product usage. Posh’s main product is customer service chatbots, so our analytics dashboard allows our business users to analyze how well our bots are serving their customers. As part of this analytics dashboard, we needed to build out a data pipeline to process and store user events in real-time.


Our data pipeline was built using Apache Beam and runs on Google Cloud Dataflow. In case you’re unfamiliar with these tools, let me explain! From the Beam homepage: “Apache Beam is…

Welcome to the Posh Engineering blog! 🎊 At Posh we’re building web and IVR-based Conversational AI, currently targeted at credit unions and banks. Our chatbots answer customer questions using natural language, providing a more human customer service experience.

Posh’s origins trace back to our founders’ work at MIT’s AI Lab, as part of the Spoken Language Systems group. Spun out in the summer of 2018, our team now consists of talented engineers and researchers working towards our shared goal.

Though we’re a young company, we’re opinionated about what goes into our product! Writing is a great way to share our…

Yusuf Khaled

Software Engineer @ Posh

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