TOKA 2/13–2/24

Knowledge Claims

In Theory of Knowledge on Friday, Feb. 17th, I listened to a podcast. The name of the podcast was Torture and it was from The Why Factor

I choice this topic mainly because it is a topic i wouldn’t personally gravitate to. The podcast has both the tortured women and the torturer speaking about their experiences. Torture in this specific topic was used in 130 countries if not more. Torture is something brutal that can emotionally and physically change someone. In this podcast torture was used in a war zone in iraq after the 9/11. Torture was basically removing an individual’s humanity. Torture was used to extract confessions in a legal way to frighten a population in this case Iranians. Controlling a human’s life and to mentally torture and destroy any hope left in them. They said torture is not to kill you but rather to kill your soul. A spokesperson in the podcast was tortured and said that after being tortured that she wished she dead suicidal thoughts came occasionally.

How does torture affect the body?

Torture can affect the brain, leaving long term psychological scars on both parties. After torturing someone and hearing their cries and screams it leaves it leaves something on the torturers mind mentally as well.

How much does an torture leave an issue with people?

She said death of the body occurred after the suffering is over, death of the soul leaves these empty shock a void that you’re not dead but you’re not really alive you’re something in between. It did something to her she’s incapable of feeling human emotions that’s what happened to her after she was tortured.

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