TOKA 2/27–3/3

Knowledge Claims

The summer of 2015 my mom,brother and I traveled to Saudi Arabia.i always had a family camera on me. I took picture of anything and everything i could lay my eyes on that was intriguing.

How does my view on life change when I travel?

So for me my view of things change when traveling i don’t know but it gave me an open mind to trying new things learning and experience cultures and different backgrounds of people. My point is that traveling open my mind a lot it changed my concept of thinking.

Why do I take pictures and what does it do for me?

The pictures i took was to help me remember and reminisce about the picture where i took it and what happened at that moment. I didn’t know when i would get the opportunity to get to see the place again. It was once in a lifetime opportunity. My mother loves to travel every chance she gets. Which come to conclusion the pictures i take helps me how i change as a person and my perspective of thinking of things changed from then and now.