Ten times the purpose!

“Once you start being who YOU are……you’ll discover your purpose in life”.

Everything about an individual from the first breath of life, movement of muscles, first cry, sleep, smile, mumbled talks(like my baby niece, you never know what she’s saying until she actually does what she’s saying .. or so we are made to think), eventually, physical and mental growth has a significance. it’s almost like everything is planned towards achieving ones purpose in life, though unknowingly those little activities form a base of the decisions, thought pattern, motives of the steps you, me, we and every one of us is taking right now(even at real time). The journey to discover who we really are what define us and our purpose in this life starts from the very beginning.

The question is when do we reach that point when we as individuals make such discoveries. Is it at the early stage of life, say infantry; where the communication skills and awareness of an individual is just kick starting, what about the teen age? Where every move a young blood wants to make is in replication of the adult or probably when the so called ‘mid-life crisis’ sets in from an adult perspective or perhaps when one is retired(old age). The answer I suspect doesn't entirely lie solely on any of the suggestions made above, in fact it would always be at variance, since every individual is different no matter how similar, our stories are somewhat programmed to be different on this planet “variety is the spice of life” so they say or you can term it one of life numerous enigmas.

The fact is every individual is already equipped with all he/she needs to succeed, depending on how the word (success) comes to you. He’s very tall, she sings better with her eyes closed, reads and assimilate better in the early hours of the morning or just doesn't talk much…. It could be anything as long as it comes naturally to you or with you, these features and more are the foundations of achieving ones purpose in life….the acceptance of self…..WHO YOU ARE.


Am never one of those against having role models, actually am against wanting to be exactly like role models which is usually the case, mostly. Some of us leave ourselves to live other peoples life’s, thereby becoming a falsification, copyright or a second hand product of an original person…life always have a way of treating those issues at the end… if one fails to tap out early enough.. as we all know second hand products don’t last. Role models if you tend to have one are supposed to be ones motivation into not necessarily doing what they do precisely but appreciating and trying to do better what they do at the least…One thing I've learnt about life is… they is always the next step into everything. That gush of originality; something no one else has or is.. a different angle, a unique idea, something only YOU can give…that’s if you know who you are.

The acceptance of one’s physical, mental and genetic attributes in conjunction with experiences and environmental influences over time is all that encompasses who we are…. WHO YOU ARE… the moment you see those attributes, features and characters as your enabler, tools to realize and achieve your potentials on this earth then you’re just about one step and a half into discovering your purpose in this life…the next question would be what defines you.


Like that famous MAID IN MANHATTAN QUOTE …“what we do does not define who we are, what defines us is how well we rise after falling”, I actually agree with the quote but not totally (I'm forming a knack for indirect contradictions this days..yep!) .. Life is not just about rising and falling, there’s so much into the challenges, situations that life brings. We rise, we fall…we stay contented, we are hungry, we interact…we innovate…we involve…we evolve every day, there is a force behind all this action…that force is “what you do” in every circumstance, condition you find yourself…it’s simply what defines you.

What defines you is the inspiration, motivation, principles, energy, spirit and soul we put behind everything we do in any situation we find ourselves at any point in time. It’s what people see when they look at you, it’s what you’re known for whether positive or negative, good or bad. It’s usually dependable; it’s what makes you that person you are.

It’s a state in the human phase that’s built over time. It’s the grand pre-requisite for ones purpose in life. It gives you an utmost intrinsic responsibility for something, almost like a calling in life, a sense of resolve…the road to fulfilment. Every time you define and redefine yourself it’s channelled towards something…you see it…your mind tells you this is it…you feel the need to embrace it…it’s your purpose in life. Its right in front you…take it… it’s yours…or is it?


I often wondered of all natures features(the mountains, the air, the sea, plants, animals… ), the only one that’s ever inconsistent in fulfilling its purpose in the biosphere and that’s the supposed head, the shepherd…the one the creator has given the responsibility of taking proper care of what it created and also use it for his needs is the….HUMAN. Unlike every other natural thing or being created, only the human seem to have the capability to waver enormously…imagine the elephant getting bored of grasses and opting for flesh or the giant redwood of California requiring several gushes of wind to open up its cones instead of the usual forest fire…that certainly won’t happen…unless of course for human intervention, probably, you only need to know the effects of human activities as regards climate change for instance to know what am talking about( that’s a story for another day, you should check my next piece; THE IMBALANCE IN NATURE IS WHAT MAKES NATURE BALANCE…coming soon).

*Reality check; it doesn't get all rosy at the end, not everyone would be ‘fulfilled’ …you ask why? I tell you it’s the gift and the curse called CHOICE. We (humans) are the only natural being that’s capable of making choices at the long haul, short haul, instantaneously…in fact we live our life everyday by the choices we make…I see what you’re thinking though, what if we live a sort of status quo kind of life. We do the same thing over and over again everything is perfect…we contribute our own quota on this earth…everything is just fine (you mean boring right?).. I hear you.

The choice(s) we make is everything…while it makes us flexible and drives in us a sense of curiosity, it also gives us the power to innovate and help develop ourselves and everything around us suitably. it’s obvious the human race haven’t been using it well enough. But that’s another mysterious attribute of the human world…some like to substitute it for DESTINY.. I like to stick with choice…I don’t think any one of us knows what we are destined for or to be…but we can sure, somewhat determine our own destiny by making choices, for the sake of positivity and moral dignity…making the right choices. We might not be unfailing at all times, but they is nothing wrong in trying to be a better individual , believing in who are you are, what you’re capable of, defining and redefining yourself every day and fulfilling your purpose in life.one thing is for sure, you will definitely fulfil a purpose .. The only question at the end (yet again) of it all is……ARE YOU FULFILLED?

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