Best books to learn Unity3D

As “Video Game Industry” continues to growth, video game programming becomes on demand skill. Especially, demand for Unity3D developers is increasing, one of the main reason for that is an indie game studios choose Unity3D game engine as the right choice for developing mobile games, 2d games, 3d games(if no need to create next-gen level graphics). So, there is why I think it is the best time to get started on learning Unity. As, learning recourses I would like to give 5 books in this post, which are from my point of view are best books to learn Unity3D. If there is other popular or effective books that you think also a great choice, please leave a comment to let me know about those books.

5) Getting Started with Unity 2018 — Third Edition: A Beginner’s Guide to 2D and 3D game development with Unity

Getting Started With Unity 2018 — Third Edition, I guess one of the best books for complete beginners. The book describes all the basic information from how to setup your game project to how to prototype your game basically.
I feel, if you are going to learn unity3d in 2018 from the basics then this book is a great choice.

What you will learn

  • Set up your Unity development environment and navigate its tools
  • Import and use custom assets and asset packages to add characters to your game
  • Build a 3D game world with a custom terrain, water, sky, mountains, and trees
  • Animate game characters, using animation controllers, and scripting
  • Apply audio and particle effects to the game
  • Create intuitive game menus and interface elements
  • Customize your game with sound effects, shadows, lighting effects, and rendering options
  • Debug code and provide smooth error handling

Who This Book Is For

If you are an aspiring game developer interested in learning Unity 2018 and becoming familiar with its core features, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of Unity is required.

4) Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C#( 2nd edition)

If you want to learn Unity3d game engine and at the same time you want to learn basics of game designing and game prototyping then this book is for you. Game designing is a very challenging stuff, you should design the game in a balanced way, In other words, the game must be challenging, easy to play and at the same time fun to play. These book gives you all the information you need to become junior game designer, game programmer in Unity.

What you will learn

  • Game Design and Paper Prototyping
  • Digital Prototyping with Unity and C#
  • Game Prototype Examples and Tutorials

Who this book is for

If you’re interested in game design but have never programmed or if you’re a programmer who is interested in game design.

3) Unity 2018 Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (3rd Edition)

In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself Unity Game Development in 24 Hours will help you master the Unity 2018 game engine at the heart of Ori and the Blind Forest, Firewatch, Monument Valley, and many other sizzling-hot games! This book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach teaches you everything from the absolute basics through sophisticated game physics, animation, and mobile device deployment techniques. Every lesson builds on what you’ve already learned, giving you a rock-solid foundation for real-world success. — description from 
I love the book, but there is one something I should mention, if you are the complete beginner I would recommend Getting Started with Unity 2018 — Third Edition: A Beginner’s Guide to 2D and 3D game development with Unity, but if you have at least some kind of knowledge about unity3d, I mean maybe you have got tutorials from youtube about unity development, then this book boosts your minor knowledge.

What you will learn

  • Get up and running fast with the Unity 2018 game engine and editor
  • Work efficiently with Unity’s graphical asset pipeline
  • Make the most of lights and cameras
  • Sculpt stunning worlds with Unity’s terrain and environmental tools
  • Script tasks ranging from capturing input to building complex behaviors
  • Quickly create repeatable, reusable game objects with prefabs
  • Implement easy, intuitive game user interfaces
  • Control players through built-in and custom character controllers
  • Build realistic physical and trigger collisions
  • Leverage the full power of Unity’s Animation and new Timeline systems
  • Integrate complex audio into your games
  • Use mobile device accelerometers and multi-touch displays
  • Build engaging 2D games with Unity’s 2D tools and Tilemap
  • Apply the “finishing touches” and deploy your games

Who this book is for

For me, the book is not for complete beginners with no prior knowledge about Unity3D game engine and programming. But I strongly recommend to those who wants to boost their experience. even minor experience with unity3d or programming,

2) Unity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C# (2nd Edition)

The book teaches unity3D game engine from ground up. You’ll master all exciting tools provided by unity, and also how to setup game development environment and so on, in practical way.

What you will learn

  • Getting to know Unity
  • Building 3D games
  • Building a Memory game using Unity’s 2D functionality
  • Making a basic 2d platformer
  • Putting a GUI onto a game
  • Creating a third-person 3D game: player movement and animation
  • Connecting your game to the internet
  • Working with audio: Sound effects and music
  • Deploying your game to players’ devices

Who this book is for

The book is aimed for those who has an experience with C# programming language with no prior knowledge about unity3d.

1) Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Beginner): A step-by-step guide to coding your first game with Unity in C#. [Second Edition, February 2018]

Zero to proficiency, I guess this is what you want. Ofcourse, the book does not make you a professional Unity3D developer with 3 years of experience, the books motivates, builds solid background and teaches an important techniques. After completing the book, and building your own games or working as a developer, you will get the point.

What you will learn

  • Learn to coding
  • Scoring system, collision detection, loading new levels using scripts
  • Displaying images and messages onscreen using scripting
  • Adding a splash-screen, a simple inventory system, sound effects, as well as a mini-map.
  • How to add Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Who this books is for

The book is for those who has not any prior knowledge with C# and Unity3D game engine.


I am sure out there, a lot of other books that may be more efficient than these ones, but as the 2 years of experience as the gameplay programmer and game designer, I recommend these books to read to become professional in Unity3D game engine.