Best Courses to Learn Node.js

Nowadays, Node.js is becoming very popular JavaScript Platform, there are a lot of companies which are already uses Node.js as their main back-end tool. Therefore, demand for Node.js is increasing day by day. There are more than one hundred courses on the internet. But which one is understandable, interactive and useful?
In this article, I am going to advise you some courses based on my own opinion.

Real-time Web with Node.js |

Real-time Web with Node.js is one of the best interactive course for learning Node. In this course you will start from beginning by deep understanding the core of Node.js. Estimated Course Length: 6–8 hours which is probably good. But I believe that only this course cannot be enough for you to become Node.js developer. You need some additional resources around the internet. is designed for learning Node. NodeSchool teach you with it is interactive and interesting tutorials. NodeSchool also provide your experience in coding, In the other word, NodeSchool gives attention on practise. For the first time is hard for beginners. But I think is the place where you can learn node.js and become node.js web developer.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)

Main instructure Andrew Mead is a big experienced programmer, also very good teacher. In this course Andrew teaches you from the core of Node. After every section you will practise your knowledge by building small but helpful projects such as Weather App, Chatting and much more. Also, during this course you learn some additional tools such as

The Web Developer Bootcamp

With this course you can become full-stack web developer. This course will teach you step by step each part of web developing. In this course, students will start learning to web developing from the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and some other frameworks. Then students pass to back-end of the web developing by introducing what is Node. As The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition) also in this course you will learn some back-end and front-end tools such as Bootstrap, MongoDB, Mongoose and much more!

Yes, Maybe there are some courses on the internet which maybe much more rated than these ones but as I highlighted above this is my own opinion, In the other word I just recommend to you this courses for learning Node.js