New grads are war heroes who never joined a real war! In this series, I will share the struggles that I faced as a New Graduate in my first full-time job at ÇiçekSepeti.

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Okay, we got the whole data structures and algorithm classes. We passed the exams of genius professors and graduated from a university like war heroes. Now we are ready to build something like Jarvis. I don’t know about you but I thought I was completely ready. I made a graduate project like detecting cancer with Deep Learning, so what kind of problem could stop me?

1-) University Projects vs Production Code

At university, we mostly make our projects as individuals or with small groups. Mostly, these studies become short-lived projects. After the deadline, nobody decides to make changes. For instance, in our graduate project, we haven’t…

Yusuf Cemal Çelebi

Software Engineer @Ciceksepeti

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