Some Wars Start Small: The History of Boko Haram
Andy Warner

Quite Accurate

Yes, finally. I am from the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, and I fully appreciate the way you have told this story. A lot of people tend to forget that boko haram’s escalation of their activities was almost directly as a result of the Nigerian police reacting to a simple issue with unnecessary and excessive force.

I also appreciate the fact that you have made clear that the military have not been saints with the whole issue, what with the extrajudicial killings, disappearances and what-not.

The only thing that I believe you may have missed out would be the inclusion of the civilian JTF on the timeline. A group of vigilantes who, for all their faults, played a key role in pushing boko haram out of the city of Maiduguri and into the Sambisa forest, their current base of operations.