Success by Sleep Deprivation

Seriously you need to chill. The world is going no where and moreover you are still young. Why do you keep running after the success of the world. Why do you have sleepless nights. From project to project, this is a never ending cycle. You keep promising yourself things will get better after this last one. Things do get better but your satisfaction isn’t. Your hunger for success isn’t and that is why you’ve started forgetting things due to your lack of sleep.

You have to realize one simple truth, THE WORLD CANNOT BE YOURS. At most you can only get a little out of it just like Alexander The Great, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Micheal Jackson, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein. these are smart people who were given a little out of the treasures of the world. They were hardworking and they couldn’t conquer the world. So why do you want to kill yourself by depriving yourself of sleep.

I just checked the effects of sleep deprivation and one of its adverse effects is loss of memory. Little wonder you’ve started forgetting things. Heart disease, accidental death, depression, moodiness are results of insufficient sleep. If you get one of these how do you intend to complete your mission? how do you intend to achieve your goals?

So you have to calm down, slow down a little and get a life. Get some sleep, it helps the brain, it increases your productivity, creativity, it makes you happier and it makes your life better. You can still achieve all your goals but you shouldn’t burn yourself out in the process. Now will you go to bed?

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