Where is God?

THERE IS NO GOD” says some people.
Some say “GOD IS IN ME”,
while others say “GOD IS EVERYWHERE
and some others point to something and say “THIS IS GOD
Who should we believe? and WHERE IS GOD REALLY,if he exist?
I guess this question will always remain as controversial as its answers.

A simple explanation that I have come to believe is that GOD CANNOT BE IN HIS CREATION.
He is there over the HEAVENS but where exactly? I don’t know and I don’t need it.
He existed when there was no place, before he created the heavens and earth. He is independent of Time and Space.
SO ALL I need is to know he exist,recognize his power,might and attributes he has described in his book, how to worship him the right way.

“ He [Allah ] is not a body (jism ), nor an atom (jawhar ), nor is He something formed ( musawwar), nor a thing limited ( mahdud ), nor a thing numbered (ma ‘ dud), nor a thing portioned or divided, nor a thing compounded ( mutarakkab ), and nor does He come to end in Himself . He is not described by quiddity ( al-mahiyya ), or by quality (al- kayfiyya ), nor is He placed in a space (al-makan ); and time ( al-zaman ) does not affect Him. Nothing resembles Him ; that is to say , nothing is like unto Him .”— Imam al- Nasafi
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