#XUXD: Keep It Simple, Stupid (Day 4)

Today I learnt how to KISS in User Experience design. Don’t get it twisted, this is not the kind of kiss you are familiar with. KISS in UX is an abbreviation of the principle, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The principle as I understand it to be can be re-phrased(in my own words) to mean, make a product/website/app so simple so much that a very stupid person will know how to use it to a reasonable extent.

Many a time have we come across applications that are complex for no reason. Why do product engineers make the world so hard by making products that only genii like themselves understand?

Please don’t get me wrong, there are situations where you have no other option in design than to succumb to complexity, but this should only happen when further simplification will only remove the necessary features a product must have.

Simplicity should also not be misinterpreted as low-quality, there is a difference. A simple design has all required features, only it is presented in an understandable manner. Much like your lecturer explaining a topic to you in an understandable manner, that’s simplicity. If he omits any necessary sub-topic or heading only to make you understand better then his lecture will become low quality(you code).

KISS principle isn’t applicable to UX design only, it also applies to our respective lives. Is your life simple or complex? I don’t expect an answer but I expect to meet again tomorrow to share and learn together.

Yours simply, Yusuf.

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