#XUXD: Learnability (Day 5)

Reading about learnabiltiy in UX design made me remember those Java games we played some years back. Its so funny how we launch the games and start playing them without reading instructions or learn how to play, we were so familiar with the games that we already assumed 4 as LEFT, 6 as RIGHT, 2 as JUMP/UP, almighty 5 as PASS/KICK/PUNCH and 0 as SLIDE/FATAL ATTACK. Those games were very good examples of learnable and usable products.

Its true, no matter how simple your product is, users will always need some time to master its usage. There comes the question, how long does it take users to master your product/app/website? The answer reveals what learnability is and how learnable your product is.

Ecommerce websites are very good examples of websites that need to be very learnable. I don’t want to come to your website to shop only to find out that your layout is more difficult than my NECO mathematics exam.

Learnability is very important for products that are not meant to be used habitually. Products which are meant to be used once in while should be easy to master to avoid bad user experience.

Make your product Usable as equally as you make it Learnable. Easy to use and Easy to master. Tomorrow is another day…

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