‪#‎XUXD‬: Signifiers in UX design (Day 3)

Have you seen a door with no handle? Have you ever been in a position where you find it difficult to decide between pulling or pushing a door? Both of these cases are signs of bad design based on what I learnt about importance of SIGNIFIERS in UX design.
Signifers serve to show or tell the user that a product has a particular feature and it also signifies where to use it.
People need a way of understanding the product they are using. They need to know what is happening, what has gone wrong.
A very good example of a signifier in applications and websites is the Signup button. What would you do if your friend tells you they just signed up on a website and on getting there you find no signup button, please don’t feel stupid, one of two things must have happened; your friend just lied to you or the designer of the website is quack.
Signifiers are important in the design of products, without them a user is lost, frustrated and this can lead to reduced use of a product.To be continued tomorrow

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