My WOW experience in Universal Studio Osaka

Visiting universal studio Osaka was definitely a WOW experience, and it completely changed my perspective to this place and Hollywood industry.

Why? Hmm…let me give you an example, the Hollywood dream roller coaster.

As the roller coaster rolling along with the track, my hart beats as faster as coaster increases the speed. At a moment, (I hold on the tip kept my eyes opening,) what I saw was a breathtaking view of the harbor, and the sky was painted with the different color from dark blue to golden yellow. The whole roller coaster journey was lighting fast as if an extremely fast sightseeing bus took us around the studio.

Ultimately I visited 8 facilities until the sunset and Hollywood roller coaster was the last facility I went in the universal studio. Each facility represents a significant concept of a movie. As we know, the movie industry is built to reflect human dreams, thus people are attracted to these fantasy world.

Since mankind exists on this planet, people’s motivation have has been driving driven by their dreams, which made our fantasy possible and our life incredible.

Despite the fact that I was not the type of person who is enthusiastic about entertainment industry or Hollywood, but I’m sure I do love this place, because this experience brings us closer to a fantasy dream. In that sense, how can we not fascinate about this lovely wonderland?