Even ramen master can be profound

Identify a thing what you truly love that gives you depth with life

It was a memorable experience of noodle restaurant. Unlike any other ramen shops in Japan, you may not able to tell whether noodle restaurant. Since entire outlook was stand out in a settle way around there which approximately 4 meters bamboo forest path from the gate to the door. Even they have only a small engraved their shop name in square plate instead of usual big ones, menu board, and showcase as well. If you were sense type of person, you could realize who they are.

Once step into it, you may shock such a tidiest configuration of interior and an interplay customer as you and the chef as an owner. As shown picture, centrally accommodated well thoughtful L shape counter table with fully optimal seat height enables you to observe how he cook whole process from initial to serve. Start with boil a noodle, slice a roasted pork, cut in half a marinated egg, and shake noodle up and down to let the hot go moment is so energetic with ever. Almost transcend how much he crazy about his noodle. This experience makes you being a part of his cooking journey.

Closing, any single activities can be profound regardless scale as long as you are crazy about it and have your own enthusiasm. Not only consume a yummy his noodle, but also intake his passion. Passion will influence to others. By the way if seats were full, you have to wait in outside to keep comfortable which is good policy.