Prime-Ex Perpetual Is Perfect For Business In The Real Estate World

Prime-Ex Perpetual : -

Prime-Ex Perpetual business model will make a breakthrough to the real estate industry. The text message was the perfect replacement for letter writing, as of how VRBO or AIRBNB have transformed the hotel industries, UBER was a successor to the taxi industry, and finally how Netflix has brought a revolution in television series.
As mentioned above with the leading transformations in the different industries, Prime-Ex Perpetual will be the perfect substitution for real estate industry as Prime-Ex initiated different advanced features to replace the traditional real estate company.

Initial Coin Offering : -

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an unregulated and controversial means of crowdfunding via the use of cryptocurrency which can be the initial investment capital for start-up companies. The startup companies will sell tokens during the ICO and raise funds for the development of their project.
The first token sale was held by Mastercoin in the month of July 2013. Ethereum raised 3700 Bitcoins in the first 12 hours of sale during the ICO which is approximately equal to $2.3 million dollars.
ICO’s and Tokens sales are very famous these days as all the new blockchain based cryptocurrencies are raising funds using the Initial Coin Offering.

The PEX-Token ICO : -

Name of the Token is PEX-Token
We can buy PEX-Tokens at Website. Our PEX Tokens will be transferred to our
Waves wallet after the ICO sale is over.
Initial price per 1PEX-Token is 1 USD.
There are total number 30,000,000 (Thirty Million) PEX-Tokens available in ICO.
The total profit earned by the company with the PEX tokens is distributed among the investors in the Prime-Ex.

The Revolution Loan : -

The Revolution loan is the solution for Prime-Ex.

No credit scores.
Revolution verifies assets instead of income verification.
The mortgage rate is fixed for 30 years and it will not be changed.
After 2 years of participation we get a buy back offer with some conditions.
Down payment is 25% percent.
There is no age restriction.

Roadmap : -

Leverage Blockchain technology : -

Prime-Ex will return the profit earned from funds to the PEX token holders every year. Crowdfunding the PEX token will engage prime ex to achieve the business goals.
Prime-Ex team is so committed to their work as mentioned earlier, 80% of the total funding is equally divided among the token holders. Support for buyers to pay loan amount using PEX tokens is a technique for contract rate markdown, which in return influences people to use PEX token on a month to month to preface.

Proof of Concept : -

The aim of Prime-Ex is to select a property, construct, finance, maintain, advertise and sell homes to the people of Panama. Prime-Ex is planning to provide sufficient place to live in their houses with a two-hour ride to the geographical location of the Panama City and in return, they earn alternative for their investment.
Prime-Ex targeted markets are to the people of North America and European expats which is an extremely competitive advantage to the Prime-Ex.
Prime-Ex is planning to provide real estate solution to the people of Panama, North America, and Europeans.

Prime-Ex Team :

Prime-Ex Advisors : -

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