Brand and Our Brain

Yesterday my friend took me to a branded clothing store. As he was going the collection of shirts, my eyes were busy scanning the price of each shirt in that collection. I started laughing at seeing the price tag of each shirts because I know, i need to apply for some personal loan to buy shirts in this shop.

My friend finally selected a set of shirts and gave it to billing. I found the bill amount as 15k. I was shocked to see this. I asked the salesman about the bill and he gave a answer as “ sir,this is XYZ brand and our price after discount is this”.

I was like “ Dai i was not ready daww”.

I saw the salesman and saw my friend, he was so thrilled to get some shirts which were going to be his favorite one’s. He gave the bill and we came out. On the way out, I asked him.

Why so costly shirts ?

The answer he gave was “it’s XYZ brand”. He went on to say “look at the quality, it’s so comfortable and blah blah”. I just asked him one simple question.

Will you pay this amount for a shirt without the brand’s logo or sticker?

The answer was silence. He saw me and went away. That’s when I realized about freedom. Freedom is defined as things that can been done without any influence to satisfy ourselves.

But we all are been denied freedom by the means of Brand. We all are forced or influenced to buy some brand to show our social status or our globalization thoughts.

A thing is a thing, not that is said about the thing.

This brand politics is a new way of slavery. In India, 9 out 10 brands are made in foreign country. Which means the amount of Indian brands in Indian market is of ratio 1:9.

The true meaning of globalization is every human is a citizen of the world. But the globalization is used for creating and establishing a market for the brands. We all are not ready to buy the shirt without the logo or sticker. So the price is for the logo and sticker of the brand than for the shirt.

Indian market is a biggest market for the world. The society is made up of many classes. Which makes the brands to penetrate the market easily. And as this brand become a social status, the slavery is established.

Brand politics is the modern slavery. We all are slave for the brand’s logo. Brand politics is a organized crime. To influence the fellow human for profit is a organized crime. These brands create a boundary or a restriction in the mind of humans. And this mind restriction is the mean for modern slavery.

We all are being influenced. We all are influenced everyday, every time and everyway. This advertising field has great impact over us. We are starting to believe in this modern slavery without our knowledge.

Influencing for profit without the knowledge of the concern is the biggest crime.