Creatives need some Creativity.

I see many ( i mean it ) of the creatives lack something. Something that makes the creation stand out. Something that makes fellow humans and artists feel. Something , that X factor is missed by creatives these days.

I personally feel as a budding artist, even i tend to miss that something in my work. In fact i don’t know anything about that something. But we all tend to search for something in our art. The searching process is always about making our work UNIQUE.

We all want to be unique. We all want to stand out of the crowd. We want someone to say that “hey, you are unique” or “hey, its a unique work”. But I want to differ from those UNIQUE people.

I say being ORIGINAL is important than being UNIQUE. Uniqueness is a by product of being Originality. I think it feels good to be original in the crowd than being unique in the same crowd.

Okay. I am not telling you not to be UNIQUE, I’m saying be original. As an artist, we all need to be original and unique. But Originality comes first.

When we are original as an artist, we all make history original But when when we are unique , we all make history uniquely original.


Originality is a side effect of Uniqueness , Uniqueness is a by-product of Originality.
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