Today Anna university results for final years was released. I say it released because it’s even easy to get the FDFS ticket for leading star’s movie but it is really tough to see your results on the release date. Anna university has modern servers, which crashes within two minutes of the release or within an access of 500 students. An Engineering university which has 2 lakh students passing out every year and almost 8 lakh students studying is not even able to an engineering solution for publication of results.

And yeah, this is not about Anna university. It’s about students who graduated and got their degree today. And how i failed as an Engineering student.

Yeah, I’m a failure. We are a failure. I was forced into engineering. I mean it. After finishing my 12th grade, i was confused about my career and this is society decided my fate. This society set a standard for an ideal human. I was one among the group of fishes trying to swim in land. Other fishes died without trying. I tried. We tried. We are trying. Engineering has become an addiction for parents. The social pressure is immense. Every kid has to get a good cut off, get a good college, get a job in campus interview, get an on-site offer. If he/she fails to do so, then they are a burden to the family, society. They become a failed EXPERIMENT.

Dear society, I’m more than an experiment. I’m more than the marks. I’m more than the degree. If my intelligence is based on the above parameters means i say fuck off.

My parents did a EXPERIMENT using me. They put me in college and brought educational loan on my name, and i was put in a race with fools and intelligent. And finally the race is over. Many fools and few intelligent are finishing the race. And here I’m try to know whether I’m a fool or intelligent.

Who am I?? Fool or Intelligent??.

The worst part is, society is going to decide it. Some people will decide my intelligence with the degree.

But I have points for the engineers getting into the society.

  1. Be a kind person in the society
  2. Be a motivator in the society
  3. Be aware of the environment around you
  4. Try to develop our nation
  5. Never judge anyone without knowledge
  6. Try to do something for the farmers and fishermans of our state

And yeah, i always wonder how some people love engineering. Do they really love it??. Yes, 60% percent love engineering and 40% do it for someone else. I’m more concerned about the future of 40% because all the writers, dancers, musicians, artists, photographers, etc etc are going to join in a MNC company and work for some the development of some country.

During the 3th year of my engineering, i realised something. Everyone were so obsessed with a MNC job and an on-site offer. I asked myself some questions. And the answer was,

we are developing our next generation as a resource. Just like coal, petrol, goods, products,etc we are just developing our next generation as resource. A resource which works for a some country and gets some 6 digit salary.

We are not resource, we are not product, we are humans. We use resource and we are not one.

A request from a failed EXPERIMENT,

Do what you love, you are not resource nor asset. You are human being. Respect that fact and live with that fact.