Are People Using Chegg Cheating

Chegg falls on the part an individual use it for, like in the case where an individual needs help with his or her assignment or an essay, research paper or any other written paper, then he or she can get answers form chegg or any other websites like expert writing.

Most people believe that many of the chegg contributors are the professors that enlighten you. That is very correct and when you pay for answers or solutions, you are actually giving your professor the money.

Though some uses of chegg are not for cheating while some are. The only way to discover that or to be very certain of it is to check your course syllabus or converse what outside assistance is permitted with your tutor or professor. It is with sad expression that majority of these students seeking tutorials on Chegg are obviously trying to cheat.

There are so many of these students that patiently wait and expect to be given the answers to copy down which is blatantly wrong. However, it is hard for Chegg to police cheating, though Chegg try so many ways to avoid it with its Honour code and review process.


While students who want to get enlightened by grabbing a free Chegg account to begin with, you can basically get a study membership priced at $14.95 per month.

When you compare other services with Chegg study, in terms of helping students in high school or college, then you will discover that Chegg study is more affordable and provides the best value.

Chegg study which is priced at $14.95 per month covers the following which includes; step to step textbook solutions, asking questions from experts and enthusiasts and searching millions of homework answers.


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It is also discovered that Chegg is disinter mediating the $5billion college textbook market by listing out a low cost, short term and nationwide rental possibilities to the high priced university bookstore.