Priceless moments

Getting into hotel in Taipei after 26 hours on plans and airports made me think about priceless moments which are totally free of charge. I am not talking about moments like finishing a level in “Candy Crash” or getting many likes to a post in your favorite social network. I am talking about pure moments of happiness which comes in a surprise and put an unexplained smile on your face.

  1. A hot shower after a long flight.
  2. Finding a free parking spot near the entrance of the the most expensive parking lot in the city
  3. Waking up on the middle of the night and find out it isn't morning yet and you can go back to sleep.
  4. Finding a 20$ bill in the pocket of the pants you just took from the closet
  5. Seeing a rainbow — I can’t understand why rainbow makes me happy
  6. Removing an apple skin in one shut — When I mange to do it I am so proud so I don’t through away the apple skin I leave it in the kitchen sink so my wife will see it…

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