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The terms ‘No fap’ and ‘ Semen retention’ have gained immense popularity in the manosphere in the last couple of years. And for the most part, I believe that conscious thought and experimentation into our sexual habits is a positive thing. But at the same time, I see this movement as redundant and useless borderline harmful.

In this article, I’ll share a few reasons why I don’t believe or support these movements as well as one powerful more balanced practice you can do instead: Increase stamina and testosterone, and vitality. Last longer in bed. — Have healthier relationships with porn…

There are tears in my eyes as I am confronting the shadow of death and the remnants of love, contemplating how fragile the human condition is.

Though the body can perish, love remains an unmalleable force that cannot be broken or destroyed. The energy that transforms and shapes shifts from life after life afterlife.

This story about the undying nature of love starts from an unlikely place — a motorbike on an island.

In late 2020, I became obsessed with motorbikes. Although I hold no driving license of any vehicle in any country, I can confidently operate; a 12-ton truck…

Yuval Man

Author. Teacher. Lover.

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