I was never a book person. In 2015, I read only a few books and it was a personal record. During 2016 reading books in different topics — mainly philosophy, design, art, business and physiology — became my top priority. I found myself investing more time in reading, learning new things and opening new worlds.

I wanted to share a few personal rules that worked for me and helped me read 50 books during 2016, and hopefully more in 2017.

  1. Take your book anywhere you go.
  2. Make reading a casual activity. Read whenever you can — while waiting for the bus, waiting for someone, etc.
  3. Schedule in your calendar “read a book” events. Reading is important like any other activity, and you should consciously make time for it.
  4. Use Audible. I have the Platinum membership and I love it, especially when traveling (bus is fun again!).
  5. I try not to read about the same topic twice in a row — e.g. typography, typography, philosophy.
  6. If you don’t use Kindle, order at least 5–10 books every time. Always make sure you have more than one book waiting for you on the shelf.
  7. If you started reading a book and you don’t like it, stop and move to another one.


Although it’s hard to narrow down a list of 50 books to only 15, here are most of the books that changed something in the way I see or think about things:

Product at Waze

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