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Design is a collaborative process. It starts with a briefing from the initiator, brainstorming with the content team, wireframing the UX, designing variations, and implementing pages with the help of developers. Since COVID-19 lockdown we have been working at home.

Here are five things we did to help the workflow smoother.

Solid Workday Plan
As a designer, we need to deliver requirements within the timeline. To ensure timeliness, we have a standup meeting once every 2 days where we talk about updates, deliverables, persisting problems, and plans to achieve our goals.

Brainstorming for Better Solutions
Whenever there is a new design request, we brainstorm with the concerned stakeholders. During the brainstorming session, we discuss everything from expectations and new ideas to design references. …

Venice landmark, Burano island canal, colorful houses and boats

You know that colors occupy everything you do and use in your daily life. But there’s something that you might not know. Colors, affect our moods and feelings as well. When we view different colors, there’s a psychological change that happens. For instance, we’re always relaxed when we are around and see nature.

Colors also play a vital role in marketing.

For example, when we go to a supermarket, when we select a product, we also choose from the color of the package. Apple launched gold and rose gold iPhones. These are colors that are associated with luxury items.

Colors can easily convey a message. We can look at the back label of a food product, and see a green or red circle, which denotes “Veg” or “Non-Veg”. There is no need to express this verbally. …


Yuvaraj Muthu

Creative Design — Lead, Design Thinker, Problem solver

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