• Raja Shaikh

    Raja Shaikh

  • hemalatha dass

    hemalatha dass

  • Marimuthu Sethu

    Marimuthu Sethu

  • C. Koch

    C. Koch

    Student of Sociology and Political Science in Berlin • Software Developer • Policy Consultant in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Selvam Sankaran

    Selvam Sankaran

    Passionate about #Mobile #UX #Development. Lead Engineer @ OrangeScape Technologies.

  • Chintan Jain

    Chintan Jain

    Digital Strategist | B2B Product Marketer | Growth Hacker @ Kissflow

  • Shirley Patrick

    Shirley Patrick

    UX Designer in Marketing. I write about how UX influence in Marketing and how both Marketers and Designers can leverage out of it.

  • Gayathri Aruswami

    Gayathri Aruswami

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