Running Product Design Workshops for older/non-tech groups

  • the basics of running a workshop;
  • the challenges we faced;
  • the tools we used;
  • how to keep the team on track;
  • what worked and what didn’t, and more.

The Upfront Challenges

New Processes

New Tools



Being a good facilitator

  • Are you patient with the team?
  • Do you give them enough time to discuss?
  • Are you ensuring that the session is productive and everyone is heard?
  • Is the session enjoyable for the team?
  • Do they feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards?

The Foundation

Let’s talk about prep first:

Scheduling Time

Do you have the right group in the room?

Dealing with team availability

Get a room

At the workshop:

Explain the workshop format

Techniques and Tools

Facilitate to support

The Tools

Pen, paper and sticky notes


Whiteboard and Flipcharts

InVision or similar

How to keep on track

Acknowledge the item

Parking Lots

Is it more complicated than you understood?

Breakaway sessions

Explaining the process with an analogy

  • what’s the budget?
  • who is it for and how does that info influence decisions?
  • what type of land are we building on?
  • theme of the home: multi-storey, victorian…

Facilitating Sessions

Be flexible



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