The #BlogBold Project

The First Draft

The First Draft of The #BlogBold Project

An Overview:

The #BlogBold Project is a dynamic piece of modern literature which is inspired from content on Social Media, mainly Twitter. All the stories in this project will exist on digital platforms, either as eBooks and/or webseries. The literature is supported by tweets related to the story. One needn’t be an ‘author’ to participate in The #BlogBold Project. Just be active on Twitter.

It gives rise to a genre called Twitter Nonfiction. The idea is simple:

‘Keep it Creative and Interactive’.

The Process:

  1. Before the release of the eBook, the Master Author (MA) will narrate and email the story to all Twitter users (Social Media Authors or SMAs) who have signed up to ‘enact’ respective characters in the eBook.
  2. After the book release, SMAs enact the characters in the story via Twitter only. Twitter Accounts will be provided, if required, in accordance to Twitter Privacy Policy.
  3. A section of the eBook will be made available every Wednesday at 9:00 PM after the book is launched. The #BlogBold Project works on a weekly subscription model. Readers can directly interact with the characters (SMAs) of the eBook via Twitter during the course of one week. 
    This is the value proposition of this model. 
    Heightened engagement and extra content.
    An SMA can earn between ₹20 to ₹200 for every #BlogBold tweet. Revenue model will be discussed separately.
  4. Webseries will be followed after 6 months of the eBook launch. It can be the same content or the sequel. SMAs may feature in the Webseries based on skills and continue to interact with the audiences as the story progresses as a webseries.
  5. The #BlogBold Project is business. The model generate revenue from sale of subscriptions. It also generates revenue from inclusion of real businesses, places, events or like entities which are relevant to a #BlogBold project’s storyline. Mentioned entities in the book must have a Twitter handle.

Important Definitions:

  1. eBook:
    A work of Twitter Nonfiction can exist as only an eBook. There are two versions. Dynamic and Static. The Dynamic version of the ebook has tweets embedded in them and linked back to Twitter ONLY (as of July 2017). The static version of the ebook will contain screenshots with no back-linking. The ebook content will be supplied on a weekly basis to keep the audience on the same page. No paperback version for a work of Twitter Nonfiction is proposed yet.
  2. Webseries:
    The visual form Twitter Nonfiction can be produced in the form of a Webseries along with/without ebook under #BlogBold Project. Additional artists will be entitled to professional fees as per a separate contract.
  3. Master Author(s):
    The creative person(s) conceptualising the story line for a work of Twitter Nonfiction is the Mater Author(s) or MAs. The #BlogBold Project and Master Author(s) will have exclusivity to the content.
  4. Social Media Author (SMA):
    Individuals engaging with the audiences after the book release are Socia Media Authors or SMAs. Engagement will be via Tweets and online content as delivered by SMAs. SMAs are the lifeline of a work of Twitter Nonfiction. They can be the narrators/characters/actors in an ebook or webseries of a #BlogBold Project. 
    SMAs earn directly from the tweets relevant to The #BlogBold Project. The formula is simple — More the engagement on Twitter i.e. more tweets, more an SMA earns.
  5. Audience:
    Readers/Viewers of the ebook/webseries is the audience of Twitter non-fiction. Readers/Viewers have to subscribe to the ebook or webseries of a #Blogbold Project

Please read the Social Media Policy here.

This is the first draft of The #BlogBold Project. We’re no authors or bloggers. We’re innovators! The first eBook of Twitter Nonfiction will be launched in September with the webseries proposed in December.