SaaS Startup — Linnworks is a Multichannel Business Automation Tool for Online Sellers

Linnworks is a Multichannel Business Automation Tool for Online Sellers— But what does that mean?

Linnworks is a revolutionary online platform that is designed to improve the accuracy and productivity of you and your staff by offering all the tools you need for order management, stock control, customer service and more!

Not to mention that all of Linnworks’ features are available across all your favourite devices, from PC to tablet to mobile phone, so you can keep track of your business wherever you are!

Linnworks keeps track of your stock.

Linnworks is your Inventory and Stock Management System — It knows what you have in your stock room or warehouses, what it is worth, and who has made adjustments, when. When you make sales, the system keeps track of your stock that is available to sell separately to the physical stock level.

Linnworks knows what you are selling, and on which marketplaces.

All your selling sites and marketplaces should be integrated into Linnworks to get the most from it. All of your listings on those sites and marketplaces are then linked to the physical items in your inventory, so that Linnworks is aware not just of your orders, but what items they represent to avoid overselling and help you track patterns.

Linnworks helps to avoid overselling.

Linnworks knows which of your listings represent which inventory items. This means no matter which site the order comes from, at which price and currency, it knows how many items are available to sell, and will update all the listings for the item with the new available stock level quickly and automatically. This makes it much harder for people to order the same stock from several sites simultaneously, and reduces the potential for cancellations and bad feedback.

It also means that when you sell the last item from one listing, Linnworks marks all the listings for the item as ‘Out of Stock’ for you, no matter what the time, or what you are doing.

Linnworks helps you to dispatch your orders quickly and efficiently.

Linnworks makes it easier and quicker to pick, pack and dispatch your orders, so you can meet dispatch targets, and customers will applaud your service, making people more likely to buy from you for the first time.

Linnworks integrates with your shipping provider(s) directly, making it easy and simple to print a Picking List, Packing List, Invoice and Shipping Label in only a couple of mouse clicks. Linnworks also stores your Tracking Information, and will pass it back to the customer when you mark the order as dispatched. You no longer need to fill in manifests, type Tracking Numbers into orders, and risk mistyping details. Linnworks takes care of it all.

Linnworks can even email customers with their invoice automatically when you ship their order!

Linnworks helps you to list quickly and easily to your marketplaces and websites.

Linnworks has tools to let you list items in bulk to a range of marketplaces and websites without needing to have 5 or 6 tabs open, each with its own settings and interface.

What does the future hold for Linnworks?

Looking forward, Linnworks is continuing to grow and improve, because eCommerce continues to grow and change.

Linnworks continues to adapt to the needs of online sellers, connecting to new marketplaces and websites, new shipping companies and new tools to help you do more wherever you are.

Linnworks will grow with you and your business, and will help you to make the best use of your staff’s time, your business’ resources and your company’s money, while keeping your customers happy. And happy customers buy more, and recommend you to their friends and family, so you can grow.

What makes Linnworks different?

In modern eCommerce, there are many teams, with many products that claim to help your business sell more and better online. Why is Linnworks different?

Linnworks doesn’t just talk to your Marketplaces and Selling Channels. It doesn’t just reduce overselling, and let you ship your orders quickly and easily with automatically printed shipping labels for the biggest couriers in India and the world. It doesn’t just help you maintain your stock levels, and run reports to ensure you’re hitting your KPIs.

Linnworks does all of this for a simple price, monthly.

No 12 month agreements.

No commission.

No enforced upgrades to your subscription when your order volume goes over an arbitrary number.

No additional fees for support problems.

Linnworks is there to help your business grow, not to hinder it. Linnworks is different. Try Linnworks today.