“My one thing is faith. Faith is an energy in my life. Faith is taking that next step. To not stand still. To not worry.”
This is What Happens When You Don’t Quit
Nick Maccarone

Sankyu(Thanks )

Mark for such an awesome post and yes I am a believer in faith too I would like to share my point on faith that is:

In my life I have chosen faith as the only one thing to fight any pain or adversity in my life as

By my observation which is “the wrong or bad thought” just keeps on showing its side just opposing the positive side so as bad thoughts always have a simple strategy to just pull us back they win and we loose.

So I started to follow the same thing that is to follow my dreams with only one thing that’s trust and no fear that’s very simple and very strong and that helps me win in my life and also learn from my mistakes and not to do it again.

Again Thank you for your awesome thoughts.