Nice concept.
Wilman Fathurochman

Hi Wilman, thanks for giving a feedback.

What I mean by ‘routine’ is that it is a painful experience you are depressed, guilty, sad etc. If we observe closely when this state ends there is always a better state, that better state is a reward

So when you say that after drinking we are guilty and sad all this is the part of ‘routine’ that bad phase is still not ended when you are guilty and sad. The reward phase comes after this bad phase is completely over. We should try to understand what is that reward. It can be different for different people for eg. feeling of peace, a feeling of acceptance of the situation.

Now what I am trying to say is that understand this feeling and change the previous routine of sadness eg. drinking to get a high with something else that can give you a high maybe bungee jumping

Once your mind gets the same reward it is easy to trick the mind to change the routine. Once this is done multiple times you change the habit of depression and sadness.