Spotify Concept: Engaging People Through Conversation About Music

Understanding Why People Are Not Engaged

User Research

The Problem

People want to have an engaging experience with other music lovers, but it’s hard to share their favorite music or talk about their music taste with people who are not their close friends. Often times, they are worried that their opinions about music not being approved or recognized.

Figuring Out What and How to Implement

Ideating Solutions

Stickies for Brainstorming
  • Music & People: How might we make the audience feel more relatable to the song they listen to?
  • Interaction Between People: How might we encourage people to have meaningful conversations about music?
  • Functionality: How might we increase users’ retention for a song through the functionalities of the app?

How Other Products Implement Comment Feature

Market Research for Commenting

Deciding on Content Requirements

Content Requirement for Commenting Feature

Initial Approach

Initial Sketch

The Entry Point

Iterations for Entry Point

Adding Comments

Visual Exploration for Adding Comments

Sorting Comments

Visual Design Iterations for Sorting Comments

Additional Elements To Incorporate in the Comment Section

Additional Elements

Visual Design

UI Kit

Final Interaction for Comment Feature

Final Interaction
Prototype for Spotify’s Comment Section

Looking Forward



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