My General Ideas

Based on “How might we enhance physical comfort while playing digital-online gaming?”, here are some IDEAs I brainstormed.

“Treadmill Game Console”;

“Body-Shape Fit Chair”;

“Acupuncture Clothes”;

“Timer Shoes”;

“Take-A-Break Eyeglasses”;

“Eye-friendly sensored Lamp”;

“Keep-distance TV Stand and Stool”;

“Warm-Up Controller”;

“Keep-It-Straight Waist Massage”;

“Dancing Game Controller”

New Warm-Up Game

“Alphabet Story”

This is a scene consisting of 26 lines of dialogue. The first line starts with a given letter “A”, for example. The next person to that line must start with a “B”, and so on, until the whole alphabet has been covered. After “Z” comes “A”. Players that hesitate, use the wrong letter, uses random words or does not move along the scene are replaced by another player. The replacement needs to take over the character of the player they replaces.

Both two sessions’ warm-up activities lasted 10 mins or so. I just figured out it was a little bit challenging for participants to play “Alphabet Story” if they are international students, and they really hesitated to say something wrong (including grammar, or mis-spelling, etc.). And people would like to write down their ideas, instead of directly speaking them out aloud. In the both sessions, we played 2 rounds, and each round was 26 lines.

Session Organization

I invited six people to join my second session (common session). Participants are from Psychology, Human Factors and Computer Science. Most of them had experience with Video Games or other platform Games before but not a lot. The entire session ran around 40 minutes, and there were totally 54 ideas. IPM = 9

I invited five people to join my first session (expert session).Three of them are from Department of Psychology, two of them doing research social psychology and Game, and the third one doing human brain & cognition. But she is really interested in video games, and she has been playing it for years, which is one of the most important way for her to take a break. The rest of people are from different Colleges, but they have rich experience in games (not only limited in video games, but mobile games as well!). The whole ran around 40 minutes and there were 61 ideas totally. IPM = 12.2

Sorting and Voting

In this expert session, we summarized 11 categories related to healthcare in digital-gaming. Each participant was allowed to vote 3 times in total.

  1. VR Gear Related;
  2. Screen Related;
  3. Voice & Brain Control Related;
  4. Ergonomic Table Related;
  5. Massaged- accessories;
  6. Eye-Protection Related;
  7. Game-Systems Related;
  8. Physical-exercised Related;
  9. “Game-in-Dreams”;
  10. “Play-in-Bed”;
  11. “Atmosphere-Related”

In common session, we summarized 9 categories related to healthcare in digital-gaming. Each participant was allowed to vote 3 times in total, as well. Lots of ideas were overlapping or quite similar….

  1. Screen Related;
  2. Voice & Brain Control Related;
  3. Ergonomic Table Related;
  4. Massaged- accessories;
  5. Eye-Protection Related;
  6. Physical-exercised Related;
  7. “Sensor-Related”;
  8. “Play-in-Bed”;
  9. “Atmosphere-Related”

There are some difference between the common and expert session. Even though the difference between two session was not very BIG, the quality of ideas still can reflect their experience and understanding in this field.

Top Ideas

I chose those TOP 10 Ideas, because they are practical and could be carried out somehow in the reality. They could be “valuable” and “feasible” in the market.

Session One
  1. “Zero Gravity Chair”; Credit to Xinyu
  2. “The Entire Body Massage Chair”; Credit to Xinyu
  3. “BMI”, Brain Machine Interaction; Credit to Sarah
  4. “Headache Band”, once you play over time, you will have a headache; Credit to Xinyu
  5. “Ceiling Game Monitor”, Credit to Esther

7. “Arm Massage Band”; Credit to Walter

8. “Warm Gamer Gloves”; Credit to YiLei

9. “Light-Sensored Chair”; Credit to Walter

10. “Sensor-Controlled Clothes”. Credit to Sarah

Session Two
  1. “Game-in-Mind Head Band”; Credit to LimCheat
  2. “Moving Chair”; Credit to Kristal

3. “Massage Mouse Pad”; Credit to LimCheat

4. “Temperature-Controlled Sofa”; Credit to LimCheat

5. “Time- Controlled Controller”; Credit to Coco

6. “Gun-Shape Mouse”; Credit to Coco

7. “Voice Control”; Credit to Sha

8. “Standing Table”; Credit to Sha

9. “Body-Shape Fit Chair”; Credit to Frances

10. “Portable Game Console”. Credit to LimCheat

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